The Obnoxious Aunty

Posted: March 20, 2013 in Depression
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I have a friend with a drug history.
All types of drugs. Ice, ecstasy, heroin, marijuana and of course alcohol. Her personality before drugs, from what I can tell, was exciting.
Interesting point is that her spectrum of feelings now fluctuates considerably. When she’s happy she’s over the moon. When sad she’s downright depressed. When mad she is livid beyond belief.
The human brain once stretched by a challenge never again takes its original dimensions. I say once stretched by drugs it also never takes on its original dimensions.
Depression, bipolar, OCD and a range of other conditions are similar. The internal dialogue of a depressed person is like a constant fight to survive. Trying to get through the day.
When the fog finally clears, it’s like having an obnoxious Aunty visit. It’s great when she leaves.

That’s why people with depression withdraw during these times. We know it’s happening and this struggle needs total focus. We block out the outside world. We are not pushing people away, we are dealing with a struggle.
We are not weak, we are in a fight.

When you know The Obnoxious Aunty is on the way to your house, your natural reaction is to go to your room and stay there. It’s a natural response to withdraw to safety.
Episodes of depression are the same. It’s all about acceptance and understanding. Acceptance by us and understanding on our family’s part.


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