Motivated By Pleasure

Posted: March 22, 2013 in Suicide
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It’s now 15 months since my friend took his own life.
He had a great idea every day of the week. A creative genius. Good with his hands. A magnetic personality. Enthusiasm that burnt your face if you stood too close.
The problem is, the ideas came so thick and fast that he became surrounded by unfinished dreams.
Enter depression.
Each time he had a new creative seizure, he would courageously climb out of his depression and leap into the next venture. Motivated by the pleasure of the new idea and escaping the pain of the last idea.
What he lacked was a reality filter.
My advice? “Don’t quit your day job mate”.
What I meant was to keep your feet on the ground and not jeopardise progress you made in the past.
The problem with that advice is that it’s hard to sail over the horizon if you don’t want to leave the safety of the port. It’s like the story of the ancient army who came ashore to challenge their enemy. The first thing the general ordered as they were coming ashore was to burn the boats.
No way home.
This gave them no other choice. Either victory or death.
That’s what my friend chose. Victory or death.
I wish he had never burnt his boat.


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