Depressed People Need An Obsession

Posted: March 30, 2013 in Depression
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Depressed people need an obsession.
That obsession must be anything except depression.
Rule 1 – It must be bigger than yourself. Checking the stove 25 times wont do.
Should I give some examples? If I do, it will stifle your creativity and that is something a depressive type has in abundance.
The list of great ideas the psycho has is endless. So the closer you are to the psycho end of the spectrum (is there an end?) the more creative you are.
Putting your energy into a positive obsession is the stuff that creates a better world. It also improves your internal world – and let’s face it, that’s where we live.

So where do we start?
With questions, that’s where. Apart from mental illness, what do you feel is wrong with the world?
Come on, everyone has an opinion. Yours is there, it’s probably somewhere on the horizon. We just need to bring it closer, like “in your face” closer.

Ok, here are some ideas. Some big, some not so.
• Solving poverty.
• Global warming.
• Volunteering in a soup kitchen.
• Blogging on religious intolerance.
• Researching animal extinction.
• A new angle on the gun debate.
• Supporting those in palliative care.
• Interviewing heart valve recipients on changes they’ve made in the years after a life saving operation (I’m doing this so you can’t. I chose it first)

Now print this list and leave it in your restroom. Daily you will sit there and look at the list. Adding some, deleting others.

Then put aside some time to work on this. To decide what you are going to do about it. Opinions are a dime a dozen. Those who make a stand are like rich hippies. Rare.

You may not change the world.
But one thing is guaranteed.
You will change YOUR world.
Not a bad place to start.


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