Ultimate control of your life

Posted: April 6, 2013 in Depression
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I recently submitted an article about the fact that my family had a brush with death in the early 1960s.
The article entitled, “The Personal Side Of A Serial Killer” can be found at infobarrel.com.
It follows the last hanging in Western Australia.
Eric Edgar Cooke was a serial killer who was not captured for many years as his killings were random and without motive. After a killing spree he would calmly walk back into his life of being a husband and father. His family and friends knew nothing of his other side.
In 1963 he stood at the foot of my grandmother’s bed, decided not to kill her or her sister then walked outside and shot a boarder sleeping on the verandah.
He then continued his slaughter nearby.
Having said this, I need to add that Eric Edgar Cooke was a psychopath and serial killer largely because of the violence inflicted on him as a child.
His story is sad and moving.
It may be the reason behind the maniac but not the excuse.
I say this because there comes a time that you have to stop wearing your past on your shoulder. As adults we have a choice as to whether we’re going to become an extension of the trauma that we have endured or walk a different path.
Take Billy Connolly for example. His upbringing is surely a recipe for disaster. If anyone has an excuse to be violent and seek retribution on the world, Billy does.
Not so. He made a choice to forge a new path.
As an adult we have a choice how we are going to end up.
Do we let the events of the past shape us or do we define ourselves?
I say ultimate control lies deep inside of me. Not in the hands of someone who hurt me years ago.

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