Avoiding Depression – 10 Things To Do

Posted: May 12, 2013 in Depression
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I have created this list as a result of looking at several lives that were wasted.

Lives that ended in suicide.

In the days after, there were signs that the person had given up. It is a sad and traumatic experience to go through a person’s room after they made the final heart-breaking choice.
However we can learn from what we see.

There are signs.

A bed unmade.
Dishes not done.
Jobs unfinished.

It is logical to think that if you don’t let the signs appear in the first place, you can avoid the result.
If you look around you and all is well, you will feel well.
If you look around you and all is in disarray and untidy, all will seem pointless.

A list to avoid depression…
Firstly, clean your house.
1 Have a job
2 Have friends of both sexes
3 Meditate
4 Volunteer to help the poor or disabled
5 Eat well
6 Fake being happy
7 Read
8 Exercise every day
9 Walk
10 Car pool to work

Action first.
Feel better second.



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