How Did I Get Here?

Posted: June 6, 2013 in Life direction
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Your ethical standards must rank higher than your personal feelings.
Strangely enough, your ethics are based on your personal feelings.
In my job as a martial arts business coach, I am asked to advise other instructors on the running of their club. Last week I was sent a certificate in the mail. It was a rank certificate for an instructor who is grading himself to second dan black belt. Now, keep in mind that all martial arts styles started with one person ranking himself. The most successful organisations in the world started with one person ranking himself. Is this instructor worth a second Dan?
My personal feelings say yes. He has an extensive military background. Years in unarmed combat. Mature and worldly. So will I sign the certificate? No. My ethical standards say that I can’t grade someone that I have not personally seen perform.
Where is all this heading?
Every drama in my personal life has been a result of my personal feelings taking precedence over my ethical standards.
Easy to say. Hard to live with.
• Being true to yourself.
• Doing what’s right.
• Saying what’s right.
• Walking your own path.
• Saving more than you spend.
• Telling the truth.
Instant gratification is more rewarding than long term benefit.
No getting around that.

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