All pessimists think they are realists.

Posted: July 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

So exactly how real are our feelings?

Our feelings are just the colour we paint the world with.
“People who are constantly happy are just walking around in their own little dream world, in a bubble”
Well, we all walk around in a dream world don’t we? As we only exist in our own mind, it is our perspective that brings us happiness or sadness. 20 years ago I didn’t stand still for a decade as I was happier when I was working, training or just plain busy. That was my reality then. Since my heart surgery in February, I look forward to stopping and feeling. Sitting in my feelings. The near death experience has coloured my perspective.
But can we find enlightenment without trauma?
We can certainly find depression without a trauma so why can’t we find happiness?
The natural human condition is that we find a reason for our feelings. We feel bad so there must be a reason. 
If a person looks hard enough, they will substantiate any feeling.
So, choose your feelings. Look on any situation and make up a reason to consider the event a positive one.
Easy. Don’t think too hard about it. You will be getting in your own way.
Here is the latest video of me training 16 weeks after the operation. Don’t let anyone tell you something is not possible.

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