A Picture Is Worth 1000 Regrets

Posted: July 15, 2013 in Uncategorized


Life passing you by?
Missed opportunities?
Waiting for something that never comes?

None of these really capture the brevity of our life, and the power of appreciating what is happening right now. The picture shows what happens if we stand still. Our problem, is that we don’t stand still enough. We are too busy chasing life that our appreciation for what is happening right now is missed in the confusion.
The chair shows us that the experience is there for us to appreciate. All that is needed is to stop.

Think back.

The value in life comes from the moments in between our experiences. It is there that our brain catches up with what is happening and appreciates the experience. We are usually too busy dealing with an event to know if it is important or not. The trick is to pause. To halt mid stream and decide if you are making progress. More importantly if you’re still in the right river.

Problem – All too often we end up fulfilling someone else’s goals. Working on their agenda. We end up being intoxicated by their appreciation. Now this isn’t bad. It may be our goal to help others, but not at the expense of our own happiness.

Solution – Remember we can only really lend a hand to others if our foundation is steady. And that takes concentration, usually in the midst of stress.

I read a story of a lone sailor in the Atlantic who had burnt himself whilst cooking . The cabin caught fire and burnt his hands. Intense pain. He moved away from the fire, through the forward hatch and leapt into the ocean at the front of the boat. Immediate pain relief. Burning problem solved. The catch was that the boat was still moving and he was by himself. As the boat sailed past him, he knew he had one chance to catch the aft railing before he was left to drown.

The fact that I repeat his story tells us he made it.

What an adventure. What a near miss.

The picture below is of me crossing a footbridge in the Himalayan mountains. I stopped, let a Nepalese woman and her daughter walk past and took in the view and the experience. I remember it clearly even though it was 29 years ago. I paused and took the situation in. Moments like this made the trip memorable.


So if life is more important than a holiday, why is it that the effort goes into trips and adventures?

Our life should be the high point, the holiday should be the rest period.

“The best thing we can do for the poor is not to join them”, I hear you say. Agreed. But what happens after this?

There is no problem with chasing accumulation.  Just don’t jump into the water to save the burning sailor. Otherwise there are two sailors needing saving.

The chair will wait, but not forever.

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