Focus On Others

Posted: February 3, 2014 in Depression
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I am looking for some company …. Online company.

No, its not what you think.

I know I’m not alone but right now this page tells me I am. My ‘page of meaning’ outlines 3 areas of my life that I really care about.

More importantly it outlines what I’m doing about it. You see, mental problems are a result of looking within yourself. Looking at your opinions of the world.
Focusing on others overrides inward focus on self. 
I know its simple but the best solutions always are. Let me explain …
My three areas of concern in the world are:
1 Physical and emotional health (or lack of)
2 Racial and religious intolerance
3 Environmental Imbalance.
Firstly, I believe that you should take care of yourself.
Here is some proof.
The first graph shows obesity levels in the United States in 1985.
The second graph is obesity levels in 2010.
Pretty frightening.
Now everyone knows our quality of life is affected by our physical health.
But our mental health is affected by physical health.
But wait there’s more.
Not only are we harming ourselves, but also each other in the name of racial or religious issues. We are intolerant of other people living in ways different to ours. Wars and violence all in the name of who is right.
I repeat all this to make you think about what you believe in and what you are doing about that belief. As I write this I am reflecting on my own actions. It’s impossible not to. I hope you will write down what you believe is wrong with the world and what you are doing about it.
My request is for you to share it.
Start here.

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