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The picture itself is 15 years old. I remember it like it happened yesterday.  (more…)


I was in the waiting room of a hospital for my son today. He was having four wisdom teeth removed. It was an excellent time for reflection as waiting rooms force you to sit with very little to do. I also had flashbacks of my own heart surgery last year, other visits to hospitals and even a week in a mental clinic in 2004. 

I reflected on my efforts to shake my own depression.
At the time, I tried alcohol but that was temporary.
My next effort really made a difference. Extreme sports. I jumped out of an aeroplane and bungee jumped. Both within the same week. I took massive risks when surfing. I even travelled to northern Brazil and surfed a wave down the Amazon river.
All life-threatening events.
All meant to jolt me out of my state at the time.
A bit like when someone is in a trance and you clap your hands in front of their face and they snap out of it.
That’s what depressed people try to do. They do crazy things to jolt them out of their current state.
We think they are crazy but to the sufferer, it is completely logical and therefore understandable.Image

These efforts are where suicide victims exist. Self termination is the ultimate way to jolt yourself out of depression. (World’s biggest understatement.)
A permanent answer to a temporary problem.
The only problem is that after suicide the depression jumps to family members. The ones left behind. Definitely not something you would wish on your loved ones.
So where to now?
Like my son’s dental procedure it is now a mix of medication and exercises.
The jaw exercises for wisdom teeth removal are to ensure that the affected area will return to full movement in the long run.
It’s the same with depression.
Physical exercise is a necessity for a return to normal life for the depressed.
Psychological exercises are also a necessity for a return to normal life. They help manage the pain of dental procedure and of psychological pain.
Unfortunately, this is where this article reaches its limit. Only qualified psychological help will give you the tools to control the damage for today and for the future.
But the onus is also on you to educate yourself in this process. Not only is it easier to educate yourself, it’s also cheaper.
Cheaper is good.
Don’t you think?’