You’re Getting Exactly What You Deserve.

Posted: July 3, 2014 in Inner purpose, Life direction, Sprituality
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Not being mean or anything. Just saying that this is a law. It’s not meant to be nice. Just true.

It won’t happen every time on an individual basis but as a race we will get what we deserve.
Global warming – we are going to get what we deserve.
Racial unrest –  we are going to get what we deserve.
Some of us may take action to the contrary but the overall result will be what the majority do.
Now the opposite is true too. Any rewards you don’t get are exactly what you deserve.
Let’s look at an athlete for a second. There are a huge number of factors that control whether a person is rewarded or not. How much credibility they get, how much money, applause, future offers are all dependent upon not only the athletes performance level but many other ingredients affect the result.
“I deserve more opportunity.”
“I deserve a crack at the title.”
“I deserve to be paid more.”
“I deserve credit.”
Remember an athlete’s job is to perform well. Accolades will come but only if you deserve it. Any complaining about the lack of reward means you are complaining that your performance is below par. Remember, you get what you deserve.
Next step now is to look at what you are getting in your life. Chances are that you are getting what you deserve. Often called the law of consequence, every result is the consequence of a series of actions. Some actions are controlled by us and others are not. In the end, if things don’t turn out as we expected, it means things outside of our control influenced the result. Nothing to be surprised or mad about. It’s just the law of karma.
Last year I had open heart surgery. Nothing to get upset about. It happens to one in three. The one just happened to be me. The law of odds.
All this makes you much more accepting when you see results in life. Less stress. Less anxiety. More peace. More calmness.
Same goes for business and relationships but that is another post.

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