The Statute Of Limitations On Your Childhood Trauma Has Expired

Posted: April 7, 2015 in Avoiding Depression - 10 Things To Do, Change, Depression
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The number of people who blame their childhood on their problems is huge. They say, “If I had a better start in life I wouldn’t have all these problems”. Well, every day you get a fresh start but it isn’t that easy. Our childhood trauma lingers in the form of memories that trigger the original feelings that we experienced. 

This morning routine allows us to reprogram our minds every day so that the residue from our past doesn’t linger into the present.

Here’s a cool guide to show you how an effective morning routine takes place. It is taken from this site here.

The easy way to remember it is the word SAVERS.







Silence means just that. Usually in the form of meditation it can be only five minutes if you wish. It is just a time when you train your brain to focus. Find a spot to sit and just concentrate on two things – your focus and breathing. Focus on one point and be aware of your breathing. That’s all. The natural human condition is that your focus, both mentally and physically, will stray. Just gently bring it back to the focal point and awareness of your breathing.

Affirmations and Visualisation can be done together. When you are affirming, or repeating, a positive sentence it programs your subconscious. Like a mantra. Only problem is that your affirmation will stay just that if you don’t visualise actions to help you get there. For example, if you are affirming (which could be in a written form), that you are a writer who changes lives you will also need to visualise yourself sitting in front of your computer being productive. You visualise life changing thoughts and words flowing effortlessly onto the screen.

Exercise can be 10 minutes or an hour. It can be stretching or running. Anything to get your body moving to realise you are awake. It oxygenates the blood and puts you in a positive frame of mind for two reasons. One is that the endorphins from exercise gives you a natural high. Also the knowledge that you had the self-discipline to exercise first thing in the morning raises your self esteem.

Scribing. To scribe means to write. Your writing can be in the form of your blog, a book or a journal. Getting your thoughts onto paper forces you to give them order and structure. Anyone who has experienced depression understands that their thought processes take on a life of the own. Writing orders your thoughts logically in the form of the written word. It helps organise you mentally.

This whole routine will take just over an hour.

6 AM – Rise and wash your face.

6.15 – Silence

6.25 – Visualise and affirm through your journal.

6.40 – Exercise.

6.50 – Reading

7.05 – Scribing.

By 7:20 AM you are ready for your day. Remember, this is not a magic wand but it has been a breath of life for me this year. As a person who has struggled with negativity, procrastination and ADD it has been a new lease on life for me. My productivity each day has doubled, my enjoyment of getting up early – which I never liked – is now enjoyable.

Plus also I am starting the day on my terms. I am not getting up the way most people do. If they have to start work at 8am, they get up at 7 to get ready. They are forced to get up. The morning routine puts you in control.

For those of you who blame a bad start in life, you now have a second chance.

For those of you who blame a trauma in the past, this will push you forward to a happier future… one day at a time.


  1. Jiyoung says:

    I recently have been thinking how my early childhood effected me as now. I havent thought about it until I started to talk to my counselor who asked me all about my parents and childhood, and I think there is very good reason to view why you are the way you are. But as you said, I want to be able to stop there, until understanding myself and I want to use it as a good resource instead of using it as.. Anegative anchor. This article is helpful! Thank you!

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