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I think the decisions we make today have a profound effect on our future. Small actions I make regularly don’t mean much in the short term but over the years people tend to comment “you are so lucky”.Sean Allen
Not luck at all. Just patience I think.


Some notes to reflect on:

I cried most nights for about a year.
There were times that I had to wait 5 or 6 days for a counselling appointment and struggled in the meantime.
Trying to work whilst dealing with the trauma of a broken marriage was incredibly hard.
Some nights after I finished work I would say goodbye to the staff, lock the outside door then go into my office and crawl under the desk and lie in the foetal position
I tried to self medicate but it didn’t work.


My mum gave me the advice “one day at a time“ and that was exactly how I got through it.
I conducted myself in a way that made me proud in later years.
When my kids grew up they realised I was traumatised by the situation and now respect me for the way I handled myself. I have become a role model for my son.
I make much better decisions now.
My life and current level of happiness is much better than it was prior to the trauma.


Plunge on my friend.


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A ritual. A daily routine. Regular tasks that set you up for success and a positive mindset.

Mine involves simple tasks that make me feel good about the start to my day. Here they are: (more…)

My talk today…

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Today I speak again on behalf of BeyondBlue. One of my messages is to look at your lifestyle and constantly ensure you are on track and moving in the direction of your values and beliefs.
Life is not suffering. And it’s not all happiness. It’s a mixture. Remembering that allows you to stay calm when in a storm.
You may find you are surrounded by certain conditions but that doesn’t mean you have to stay there.
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