A Routine That Is Not So Routine

Posted: April 21, 2018 in Depression and growth, Rituals, Uncategorized
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The saviour of common sense.

A ritual. A daily routine. Regular tasks that set you up for success and a positive mindset.

Mine involves simple tasks that make me feel good about the start to my day. Here they are:


Silence – usually in the form of meditation. Quietens my mind. Sometimes I just sit outside and look around quietly.

Affirmations – In my journal, I write some sentences that reinforce what I am grateful for and what my intentions are for the day.

Visualisation – This usually happens as I write what I will be doing that day and what the end product will look like.

Exercise – Sometimes some gardening. Sometimes some brief weights or stretching. Sometimes a surf.

Reading – Very important. It transports me into another world, lifts my spirits or improves my intellect.

Scribing – OK, writing is what I do but SAVERW wouldn’t make sense. Your thoughts on paper helps with the helicopter to the ceiling view that we all need.

That’s it.

P.S. My routine even went with me on holidays this year. The tree in the pic is out the front of our cabin. Cool.


Vanuatu January 2018


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