Is Life About Speed?

Posted: June 10, 2018 in Happiness, Inner purpose, Lessons, Uncategorized

Wrote in my journal today that the days seem to be passing quicker. 56 years of age and with my mother recently dying and my father fighting Alzheimers and cancer, the brevity of life seems all too real. The only choice, it seems, is to relax and watch each moment pass. This seems to bring about a sense of calmness and acceptance.
The busier life is, the more important this becomes.

Similar to being in the ocean, the more you struggle the harder it is to stay afloat and enjoy the swim.


  1. Clayton Lawrence says:

    Hey is this your Mum? Or Sister ???

    The head ?? We are getting old when we bump ourselves and it bleeds!!

    Hope all is well with Dad

    Thinking of you

    Kind regards

    Clayton Lawrence And Robyn xx

    • Sean says:

      Hey Clay,
      Yeah yeah. The head was an underwater fin collision with my surf board.
      Dad – not sure how to explain it so will stick to the facts. Dad is unhappy about being in an aged care facility. Surrounded by a majority of old people who seem to stare at the floor and dribble. His breathing is laboured due to his lung cancer. His hips hurt due to the cancer. This is only going to get worse. His Alzheimer’s disease leaves him confused and agitated most of the time.
      Most of all he is severely depressed through the grief of his wife, and love of his life, dying.
      Not much good there. But, it is what it is.

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