Sawing Through Legs

Posted: June 26, 2018 in Perspective

Some images stick in our brains.

Driving along a country road this morning I passed an unusual sight. Next to a dead kangaroo a driver had pulled over in his four-wheel-drive. Crouching next to our national animal, a man was sawing its leg off.
A practical joke?

Some things stick. This one did.

Because he was actually cutting through the hind quarter as I drove past, the timing made me try to attach meaning. Should we always be aware of our surroundings? Do we concentrate too much on our immediate objective and miss other opportunities? Are opportunities always around us but are we too focused on making a living? Or was he just really hungry?

Stop and watch a sunset more often is the take home.

And … don’t take things so seriously.

wood tool saw

Photo by Skitterphoto on


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