About The Author

At the 50 years of age, I have a divorce behind me, recently had heart surgery, successfully grown and sold a business and traveled to several far-reaching corners of the globe chasing adrenaline.

I’ve been to University.

I’ve studied martial arts and competed in full contact Thaiboxing. 

I’ve surfed a tidal bore wave down the Amazon river in the northern Brazil (That is a website all of its own)

Oh … I’ve also raised teenagers. The most dangerous undertaking known to man.

It was only in my 40’s that I was diagnosed with depression. I realised that the internal dialogue has been inside me since childhood. And that many others experience the same. (Albeit at different levels). I realised that this feeling of being uncomfortable on the inside, is what pushes many athletes to success, many business owners to raise the bar, and many drug users to become addicts.

Sharing my thoughts is designed to extend a hand to others in their hour of need.

You are not alone.


Oh … the shark picture. To me, it means I have control over the danger that always lurks around the corner. It means you have to keep a firm grip on the situation and respect the predator at all times.

The Black Dog is real.



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