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I’m gradually pulling out of the trauma of losing both parents this year.
My reaction since Dad died, eight months after Mum, has been a morbid, What’s the point? As if there was a point to life but it was eluding me.
A calmness has ensued now with me realising that the fact is… there is no point. In the space of time between birth and death we make ourselves busy with finding a direction and purpose.
It’s a bit like reading a book on holiday. You find a good book and immerse yourself in it as you know one day you will be returning home. Some of my best holidays have been like that. A simple existence on a beach in a hammock for two weeks. Immersing myself in a good story.
Quite a calm way to go, don’t you think?



Right now, you are the sum of the experiences you have had in your life and the decisions you made about yourself afterward.

Actually, the decisions you made about yourself are more important than the event itself.

But first, a story.

Soon I am being interviewed in a podcast on iTunes. In the initial process, I sent in 10 stages of my life that had brought me to where I am now. I only had a few minutes so this was a good way, I thought, to give the interviewer a snapshot of me. They are mainly associated with martial arts business but it sort of morphed into a personal journey.

Here they are:

10 Sean

It was quite interesting to read so I shared it with some friends. One friend, a lady in her early 40’s sent in her stages of life.

They are:


Breaking free

Falling in love

Discovering the world


Unconditionally falling in love





What would your 10 look like?

Remember that your emotions about any event in life depends on your perspective.

As I stood still for the picture to be taken in Washington DC, I remember thinking how Wash DC 2000realistic the statues were and I could imagine them walking. If I was older it may have moved me to tears. But the point is that the value is in the exercise of deciding what the ten stages of your life have been. Do you mention an experience as making a profound impact on you? Or do you mention a time period that shaped you? It can even be a decision that was made after an event.

Remember the process has value as it makes you judge how you reacted to an event.

In the comments section below post your ten and follow this blog to see every time more are added. Remember we will defend ourselves by saying, “But I am the result of more than 10!” Yes you are. But limiting us to 10 makes us prioritize the most important. Good exercise.

Go on, join in.