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A0ABF98D-33A9-4D3E-8813-B9131653DC66Life. Sometimes it really forces you to stop and observe what is going on in that moment. One of those moments happened tonight so I wrote a description:

“I am sitting here next to my Dad. Outside at night. My Mum died 6 months ago and Dad is heartbroken. He has cancer and is now looking forward to joining Mum soon. In the meantime, he sleeps in the chair next to me.”

This is not meant to be sad. It is part of life. It happens in every city in every country in every part of the world. Families say goodbye to grandparents and it is one of the ingredients that makes life worth living. That ingredient is that it doesn’t last forever.

As my mum used to say when things got tough, “This too shall pass“.


As Remote As You Can Get.

Posted: February 13, 2017 in Searching for meaning
This year I travel to yet another corner of the world – as far-flung as I can manage – for a holiday.
I always venture to extreme locations for the mental distance it affords me.
I will fly into the Pacific and land in Port Vila, part of Vanuatu. A winding taxi drive over a mountain then an open boat takes us a short distance to Pele Island. Our accommodation is hidden by coconut palms on the northwest corner of the island. Here the ocean has made a deep gulley between Nguna Island and our home for two weeks. “Home” is a hut with sandy  floor, no running water and no electricity for two weeks. 5507 kilometres will separate me from my job, my house and my dog.
Interesting thing is that Pele Island is home to someone else and my home is an extreme corner of the world to them.
I’m sure that somewhere in Vanuatu, someone is stressed because of the complications of their life. They  will curse internet dropouts, road accidents and the weather.
Choice is the deciding factor.
Not location.
Some decide on a more simple lifestyle.
They don’t research it.
They don’t discuss it first.
They jump.
They don’t Google ‘minimalist lifestyles’.
They don’t bounce the idea off a friend.
They jump.
They don’t do an online survey.
They don’t think about it for a while.
They jump.
The island pictured is our destination.
The pin shows our accommodation.
Standing on the edge of the world, gives us the perspective of distance.
Below is another perspective. A skydive starts at 14 000 feet or 2kms. That is the height of this 2nd photo. Th last thing you will hear before exiting a perfectly good aeroplane is the call of the instructor, “Jump Time!”
Everyone battles inertia when in a new situation. It is an inbuilt mechanism that is designed to save us from threats. But it also holds us back from realising our dreams.
All we need is an instructor to call “Jump Time!”

Jump Time