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Micro Habits

Posted: February 5, 2019 in Habits, Life direction
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Micro Habits steer my life in the over-all direction that I want.

Think about that.

The tiny things you do every day – even every hour – make the biggest difference in the overall outcome.

That’s worth writing down.



My life purpose should  help me make ethical decisions.

My life purpose is:

To learn about myself as quickly as I can so that I can help others to do the same. This gives me meaning and purpose and outweighs chasing temporary happiness.

Also, to show respect to all others about their attitudes to life. Its their journey.


This is simple and it should be. Please write your comment below:

Disagree? Need more info? Too short?

I’d appreciate your input….

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What I think happens in life and thereafter.

There is no supporting evidence for this. None. But I think this photo depicts what happens to us in our life and afterwards.

Firstly, the sign.
The concept that life ends when we die is a man-made concept. Take that away and the picture takes on a different meaning
In the foreground, the road and painted line shows the direction that has been mapped out for us. We may have painted the line or we might be following a line painted by others. It’s still a direction we follow. Life is reliable if we walk this way. No surprises.

The end of the painted line.
Notice that the line stops but the road continues. At some point in our lives we don’t need to follow a direction. We just know which side of the road is the safest and the direction we should be travelling in. It’s still a direction followed by most but we don’t need as many rules to guide us. We brush our teeth, save some money and have the weekend off without thinking about it. Admittedly, doing these things does save you some heartache later but really it’s your choice. There are consequences for everything. Even if you stop in the middle of the road there is a consequence.

The gravel.
The end of the road and start of the dirt shows our partial return to the way things should be as we age. We can start to connect with the natural way of life and appreciate the little things. Like being outside. Feeling the wind. Listening to our own thoughts. All these experiences becomes more comfortable as we realise that all things pass. We end up walking our own path regardless of others. The realisation that happiness and contentment is up to us makes it much easier to live.
The decisions we have made, passage we have taken, and where it has lead us finally shows what really matters. Material gain and credit for our performance loses its lustre. The knowledge that others are struggling now seems to drive us to a point where we are rewarded with a deep contentment that only service to another living being can give.

The sign.
It may be the latest theory to explain death but it really just shows a transition. In science, nothing disappears, it changes state. Ice melts and become water; water boils and becomes steam; the steam seems to disappear but really spreads out to become, well, everything.

Just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean it isn’t there. There is a continuation of us but as the picture shows, things change.
It seems to me there is a natural beauty thereafter. No roads, no directions, no hazards. Still in existence but a more natural one that allows us freedom that we haven’t experienced beforehand. Whether we continue into the trees or the sky is up to you. All we do is move forward into a new experience.

I’m definitely no better than you.
Only difference is, right now, I’m writing this and you’re reading it.
I could talk to you about life events. Things that I don’t have a monopoly on.


Midnight Express

Midnight Express

I originally wrote this article for my martial arts blog.

It went around my head for quite few days as it relates to life in general so I have changed it to relate to us, our thoughts and our direction.

The basic idea is that any human endeavour is driven by three questions. What, How and Why.

‘The What’ is about you. What you want.

‘The How’ is about action taken by you to get what you want.

‘The Why’ is about others. Your effect on the world.

No real problem, or at least not yet. Here is the reason:

You see, 99% of endeavour is about the What and the How.

What do I want?

I want a better job.

I want a better car.

I want to visit another country.

I want more money.

Easy to create this bucket list.

‘The How’ is the action plan for achieving ‘The What’. It is your daily activity and how you achieve goals.

The Internet is full of advice on how to achieve. Follow this plan, implement this system, get this result. And results usually follow even if you have to change the systems to suit you. But the result is still empty. That’s the reason for most entrepreneurs wanting more, bigger and faster. Sort of like a treadmill.

The ‘Why’ is what’s missing. It’s usually only confronted later in life. Or after trauma. Questions like:

“Why am I doing this?”

“What is the reason I am here?”

True purpose and meaning in life comes from a clear “Why.”

The good thing is that a clear ‘Why’ makes the ‘What’ easier to define. With clarity comes ease of decision making.  It’s easier to say no to time wasting activities that slowly bleed you dry.

Finding your ‘Why’ is hard. No advice or process makes it easy.

One way to start is to identify the things that you care about. The health and safety of you and your family must be a priority. But what about giving life meaning? It has nothing to do with the accumulation of wealth or how good looking you are. Or even how good you are at your sport. These are all fun and do give you a heightened sense of self in the short term. But internal struggles continue even if you are surrounded by wealth and success. The rich and famous get depressed as much as the majority (sometimes more).

Now having said all of this, the urgency is not on ‘The Why’. You really can put it off. All you do is lose yourself in a flurry of activity and accumulation of stuff. The days and years roll by.

But ‘The Why’ will become very important to you one day.

One day you will stop in your tracks and contemplate ‘The Why’.

This, I guarantee.

Ready to start thinking?

Here are some resources to get you thinking of ‘The Why’:

My personal ‘Page Of Meaning’

An article on regrets

A great Minimalist Living website

Last week I got a day’s work in a primary school teaching sport.
Grade fours.
At one stage I sat them down as they were making mistakes with a drill we were doing and I explained the meaning of a turnover and a turnaround.
A turnover is when the other team gets the ball and a turnaround is when a match turns around in favour of the other team.
Later on that day I explained the meaning of the Aussie rules “hospital kick.” A hospital kick is a kick that sits in mid-air and leaves the player standing underneath, waiting for the ball. Basically waiting to go to hospital.

Life lessons
A turnover is when you give power to someone else. A turnaround usually occurs after this. Knowing what you want from life helps. The only turnaround we should all be interested in is a positive turn around.
From bad to good.
A hospital kick in life is a decision made and action taken that ends with a bad result. The second you deliver a football you know it has turned into a hospital kick.
In life you know when you have made a bad decision. Life hospital kicks are inevitable but it becomes easier to recognise them after a while.

The intelligent player enjoys the game, never does a hospital kick, never experiences a turnover of control to anyone and consequently never experiences a turnaround.

Lessons all around us.