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Last week I got a day’s work in a primary school teaching sport.
Grade fours.
At one stage I sat them down as they were making mistakes with a drill we were doing and I explained the meaning of a turnover and a turnaround.
A turnover is when the other team gets the ball and a turnaround is when a match turns around in favour of the other team.
Later on that day I explained the meaning of the Aussie rules “hospital kick.” A hospital kick is a kick that sits in mid-air and leaves the player standing underneath, waiting for the ball. Basically waiting to go to hospital.

Life lessons
A turnover is when you give power to someone else. A turnaround usually occurs after this. Knowing what you want from life helps. The only turnaround we should all be interested in is a positive turn around.
From bad to good.
A hospital kick in life is a decision made and action taken that ends with a bad result. The second you deliver a football you know it has turned into a hospital kick.
In life you know when you have made a bad decision. Life hospital kicks are inevitable but it becomes easier to recognise them after a while.

The intelligent player enjoys the game, never does a hospital kick, never experiences a turnover of control to anyone and consequently never experiences a turnaround.

Lessons all around us.