Another Case Just Like Me.

Posted: May 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

Every day someone openly admits they have depression.

This time it’s a famous martial arts identity.

Jeff Thompson’s book, “Watch My Back” was the first of 40 books. He has made feature films, written plays and his ideas on how we can understand and control fear make riveting reading. In a recent interview he talks of doing things to rid himself of this unwanted emotion, like getting a black belt in karate. He admits, “I always had fear and negative thought processes and thought they would disappear when I got a black belt. All it did was make me a black belt with fear.” He also spent many years standing on the door of violent pubs in England because it scared him.

I remember being a teenager and thinking I was the only one who was scared. The only one who was worried about how other people would see me.

Well, 30 years has passed and thanks to conversations I’ve had with other fifty-year olds, it seems everyone was doubtful in those days. Doubtful about their confidence, and struggled with their internal dialogue. The voice that is your best friend occasionally becomes the bully from school.

Where does this come from?

It’s like the panic of not being able to find your car keys. You’re looking everywhere for something that’s going to make you feel better.
Retrace your steps.
“I know it’s here somewhere.”

But let’s get back to Jeff Thompson. With a constant battle with depression the only break you get is when you are too busy to think. Hence 40 books. FORTY! My first thought was, “Where did you get the time to write 40 books?”
But where does any high functioning person get the time to practice and refine a skill so it is world level? Simple – they obsess about it all day and sometimes all night.

Like you and I.

We think about our next career move, our wish to write a book, to climb to Everest base camp and to BASE jump. We start to read a book on it and after awhile it sits on the pile of aother books that we haven’t finished.

Well, I have an idea. Don’t collect unfinished jobs. Collect accomplishments.

Do stuff that make you smile at night, in your darkest hour, when you need a boost of confidence.

I have one. It’s here. Dam I am proud of it.

Join me.


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